First and foremost, let me preface this whole post by stating that I consider myself anti-trend; I’ve grown to really detest ‘fast design’ (and her cruel cousin ‘fast fashion’), so everything I’m sharing with you today is what I personally gravitated towards at High Point Market that I know will go the distance and become long-loved classics, if they aren’t already.

Last October, I was lucky enough to finally attend High Point Market in High Point, NC to visit the U.S.’s furniture Mecca. If you’re not familiar, it’s essentially an entire small city chockablock with showrooms. Twice a year, they present what’s new for Spring and Fall Markets, much like the fashion industry.

This was my first time attending, and honestly, I was overwhelmed. Just figuring out the shuttle system alone took me half a day! And, there was so much room for improvement when it came to the restaurant and hotel offerings (Can some fabulous hotelier/restauranteur duo get on this?). All of this to say, it was worth every limp chain restaurant salad to be immersed in so much product, knowledge and beauty. It was invaluable to me to be able to sit on every sofa and chair, open every drawer, touch every handle so that I can make the best possible recommendations to my clients. I will absolutely return this year (perhaps with my own pillow and a box of RX bars next time…).

Here were some of my most observed “trends” that I guarantee you’ll start seeing pop up this year:


It was everywhere on everything–fabric, cabinet faces, hammered hardware, seeded glass.


From mint to olive to forest, my favorite color made appearances in every showroom I visited.


Paler wood finishes dominated the landscape; a lot of it was fluted and carved.


Stone, straw, linen, metal, leather, plaster–even shells!–were everywhere. This also provided much of the texture I saw.


Maybe this is something that I’m personally drawn to, but I saw many “red moments” in the decor: vermillion, coral, tangerine, and dusty pinks looked incredible against all of the green!


I noticed several rich velvet fabrics depicting Medieval-style animals, like tigers and cheetahs. I kind of love it!

Do you have a favorite? Share in the comments below!