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The Consultation

During this one-hour, onsite working meeting, we’ll tackle any design list you wish to focus on, from determining the best layout for your family room to outlining the scope of your larger design project. This is also the perfect time to determine if we’re a good fit.

Prior to our meeting, we’ll review your desired topics to ensure I come prepared with any tools or color charts needed. After it, you’ll receive an emailed summary of everything discussed, including any sources or suggestions.


The Consultation has a $450 fee, due at least 48 hours ahead of our scheduled meeting.

Design Only

This collection is ideal for those who would like help pulling a space together conceptually but prefer to implement the project in their own time. I’ll design a sophisticated interior with the same care and attention as in our Full-Service Design option, encompassing the following steps:

  • Step 1.
    Client Creative Meeting

    To determine the desired style and design specifics.

  • Step 2.
    Site Measurement Day

    Essential for scale and space planning.

  • Step 3.
    Design & Budget Client Check-In

    A “halfway point” chat to ensure we’re on the same page regarding design and budget.

  • Step 4.
    Client Presentation of Design & Budget

    In-office presentation of the full design, including floor plans, necessary elevations and swatches.

Once the design is approved, I’ll provide a detailed shopping list with links so clients can begin making purchases and managing the project independently.


Design Only is charged at a flat rate determined at the start of work and is dependent upon the scope of the project.

Full-Service Design

For an all-inclusive experience, choose our comprehensive, white glove design option. We’ll take care of all details from start to beautiful finish. This includes everything outlined in the Design Only service, plus we’ll purchase and receive all items, manage custom vendors, schedule various installations and oversee Client Reveal Day (the best part!). We can’t wait to welcome you home to your fully furnished and flawlessly styled space.


Full-Service Design is charged at a flat rate determined at the start of work and is dependent upon the scope of the project.

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Jennifer Muirhead interiors