I’m fresh from High Point, North Carolina after a weekend of endless walking everywhere, sitting on everything and talking lead times with my favorite vendors. I’m feeling extra inspired and ready to take on some exciting projects in the new year, which is really just around the corner for all of us!

If you’re not familiar with what High Point Market is, let me briefly explain: Twice a year, the best and brightest in the furniture and design world descend upon High Point, NC to debut their newest offerings to interior designers and buyers. As I recently explained to someone, it’s a little like fashion week for furniture. The week is usually filled with more events than one person could possibly attend and it always a lot of fun. Last year I went solo but this time around I was lucky enough to meet up with some designer friends–I highly recommend doing High Point with friends!

While it is a ton of fun (and the food and drinks flow VERY freely), my main purpose for attending is to educate myself on the best options for my clients based on their lifestyles and aesthetic, and to find the highest quality pieces I can. This means a LOT of “sit tests” which is exactly what is sounds like (you start to feel like the Goldilocks of sofas after Day One…), learning about every possible customization option, discovering new lines of furniture, etc… and getting a better handle on when the supply chain will begin easing up. And trends. Alllll the trends.

Now, as I’ve said before, I’m not really one for trends in design, but I will share the following recurring themes that I don’t believe are going anywhere, anytime soon:

Curves Ahead

Lots of rounded edges featured on both upholstered pieces and case goods.  Many sofas and benches were curved; nightstands featured bow fronts. It was a big departure from the low profile, linear pieces that have become so popular over the past few years.


Terra Cotta/Rust/Red

I started to notice this a little bit last year, but mark my words it will be everywhere next year. Everything from fabrics, to wall colors to painted furniture were on display; design is experiencing a big move away from cooler colors like blue and gray and into more of a desert sky scheme.

Cane & Tables

If last year was the year of wicker, 2023 will be the year of the caned table (and chair). I like to think of caning as the slightly more handsome, tailored cousin to wicker and looks great in just about any setting, but be forewarned: caning repairs require specialists which are few and far between these days.

Brown is Back…

…Although if you ask me, it never left! I adore brown and always have, but it’s been benched the past 10 years due to the popularity of cool gray. This is part of the overall warming up of interior design (think of the pinks in the past couple of years, now terra cotta and rust, red, etc…), but the thing about brown is, because it contains every color in the spectrum (that’s how you get “brown”), it literally matches everything. You’re welcome.


Leather Details

Lots of leather wrapped everything: lamps, sconces, cabinet fronts and case goods, handles, even candles! Cognac was big (see “Brown is Back” for explanation) but I did see a lot of taupe-y grays, which to me look incredible paired with brass.


Cluster Coffee Tables

Almost every showroom featured examples of clusters of smaller tables or stools in differing colors and in some cases, heights. I think this is a genius way to add interest to smaller spaces, especially if you’re varying materials in the cluster, as well.

70’s Style Coffee Tables

The low, enormous coffee table was very prevalent. I think these are great for a more casual living or family room since they’d require a lower sofa seat height; some are so low, you would almost want to be kneeling on a soft rug in front of it. This is a nice option for a more laid back feeling space.

All of this to say, my philosophy is buy what you love and it will never go out of style, so if any of these trends speak to you, you won’t regret investing in any of them!