This is a short story about a small principal bath with huge potential. In fairness, my “Before” photos happened after demo had already occurred, but I think you can still get the flavor of what this bathroom looked like pre-reno:

My clients had long wanted to refresh their bath, but life got in the way, as it does. Then a leak forced their hand, as they do, and it needed to be demo-ed immediately. Enter me!

The tub and shower were in two separate corners of the room, but since they already had a tub in another bathroom in the house, they nixed it altogether in favor of a bigger shower. (Pro Tip: NEVER get rid of your tub if it’s the only one in the house.)

The shower was to the immediate right of the small vanity and directly across from the doorway.

These clients requested a crisp, fresh palette with brass accents and a pop of navy blue. I mixed creamy whites and grays with Bella Bianco marble (which is a little warmer than Carrara). Here’s a peak at their elevations and presentation tray…

When it came to lighting, we really lucked out; the clients had been holding onto some vintage nautical sconces that we were the perfect touch!

We ended up hiding the shampoo niche on the other side of the pony wall (sometimes shampoo bottles and shaving cream looks cluttered to me, so I tend to hide niche boxes).

I still need to go back and swap out the vanity hardware, but overall I really loved how this bath turned out, especially the sconces. A little vintage detail brings so much character to a space!